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We have launched this month our ultimate wedding budget template and with it we have been publishing a series of blog posts with some practical advice on ways to help you keep tracks on your budget and with this to make better decisions and spend your money on the things that you truly value.  Please remember that a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean cheap or tacky, this is just a tool that will give your event a frame from where you will be able to build your memorable day.

Mornington wedding and budget planning for your wedding day
Mornington couples and wedding budget, take control of your wedding day

5 ways to make the most of your wedding budget in Australia

  1. From the moment the planning start, make sure that you give your parents and your future in laws a cap on the number of guests they can each have. Have an open discussion and keep in mind the cost of each of these guests.

  2. Keep in mind what’s important: downsize your wedding party and trim that wedding guest list

  3. Borrow accessories and jewelry

  4. Consider public spaces or an Airbnb property for your reception if you are considering a small wedding. In most cases you will have to request a permit from the council to have an outdoor ceremony.

  5. Use your personal car rather than a limo.

We hope that these tips will help you to stretch your wedding budget. Remember to keep tabs on what you are spending to be able to avoid emotional decisions and rather make decisions with a cool head. 

Rustic wedding venues in Mornington and wedding budget for australian couples

Remember to download your wedding budget and let’s have a chat about your wedding photography! 

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