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Wedding days can spiral out of control very quickly., that is why the preparation is essential. Whenever I am facing a big event in my life, I tend to tend to plan and get as much as I can beforehand, to the point where I can tell myself “ I have done everything I could humanly possibly do, and now I have to let go”. The let go part of that sentence was one of the most important parts on the day of my own wedding day, I had done the planning and I tried to tick as many boxes as I could beforehand, and on the day I only wanted one thing: to have the fun of my life. I really hope that this guide to prepare yourself the day before will help you to be calm and have a smooth wedding day!

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Wedding preparation tips

10 steps to de-stress the day before your wedding

  1. Finish your wedding tasks early the day before the W day

  2. Take 20 minutes to go for a walk to clear your mind

  3. Consider taking a bath, water not only cleanses your body, it will also cleanse your mind and soul and allow you to relax

  4. Keep a perspective on the event: when things don’t go how you planned them just keep thinking why you are doing this and remember that this is a commitment ceremony and above all a celebration of an union , and the shade of the flowers shouldn’t change the way you feel for each other or

  5. Calming essential oils and blends: essentials oils can be used in vaporizer, on your skin or a hot bath. Have a look around the blog to find our favorite blends.

  6. Consider delegating some tasks early-on while planning the day.

  7. Go for a relaxation massage

  8. Jump in a hot bath with essential oils and some relaxation music

  9. Let go of perfection

  10. and the most important thing, above all remember why you are getting married: because you have found your soulmate, you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and you are committed to each other, because your partner makes you happy and is part of who you are. Your reason is probably some combination of all of these things so don’t forget why your family and friends are coming together and get lost among the little details. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and appreciate the love and connection between you and your partner. Everyone will be coming together to celebrate the love you share. Keep this sentiment close to your heart and at the center of your mind throughout the entire day, and the insignificant details will seem even smaller.

I hope that this guide will help you to be fully aware and present on your wedding day, to be able to live it to the maximum of it’s potential and have the party of your life. If you are still looking for a photographer then let’s have a chat! I would love the opportunity to tell your story.

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Fran Jorgensen is a Melbourne based wedding photographer. If you are planning your wedding day then let’s have a chat, I would love the opportunity to tell your story.

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