Melbourne urban wedding : Planning a non traditional wedding day? Here are 8 tips for a rad wedding

Non traditional wedding planning for rad couples

Do you have a wild story to share? Or are you simply tired of all the “must do” or wedding traditions out there? I am a big believer in planning a day that truly reflects who you are and  your story. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and go back to my wedding day, with hindsight everything looks totally different. I felt a lot of pressure from my loved ones to plan a day “like this” or “like that”, and I felt that at the end of the day I was going through the motions and ticking boxes without owning my own day… That’s why I hope that you have the courage to stand up for what you feel is you and let go of the things that are less important, and the same goes to that guest list: I had so many people on the “should” list that I haven’t seen since … So here are my tips for you that I hope will assist you with planning your day in a meaningful way. 

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8 Steps to plan a non-traditional wedding day

  • Think outside the box and plan an unusual location for your ceremony. Some unusual venues are Art galleries, Breweries, a paddock or a barn, or any other meaningful outdoor location to both of you and that is part of your story. 

  • Get crafty with your bridesmaid and ask them to assist with items like the centerpieces, invitations and venue decoration. 

  • Consider printing your napkins with your name or fun facts about both of you. 

  • Instead of speeches consider running a Q&A for your guests. 

  • Consider writing a message to each other on the sole of your wedding shoes. Another great item to consider adding on your wedding day is a letter to each other. 

  • Instead of wedding favors make a charity donation to a charity that is dear to you and let your guests know that a donation has been arranged on their name. 

  • Include your pets on your wedding day 

  • Consider using balloons in your wedding decorations. 

I hope that these ideas will get you thinking about unusual things you can incorporate on your wedding day to make it less “by the book” and more YOU. 

Melbourne urban weddings and small weddings in the city

Fran Jorgensen is a Melbourne based Wedding photographer. I love to tell stories and I just love couples that choose to tell their story in their own terms by not following the crowds and choosing to celebrate their union in their own terms. If you want to find out more about my work then just drop me a line and let’s make this happen!

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