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Portsea brides and wedding budgets

If you look online anything to do with wedding budgets then you will find a lot of advice and rough ideas on how to split your money to cover each component of your wedding day. A lot of these cookie cutter budgets are designed to fit an average couple but your reality could be very different for a number of reasons like cultural differences, expectations and your daring beliefs of having an epic day that truly represents you and not something out of a traditional 70’s wedding magazine (nothing wrong with vintage vibes just the traditions).

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3 possible guidelines to set up your priorities for your wedding day

Some of the priorities you could define before you start planning your day (and maybe write on top of your budget spreadsheet to remind yourself of this guide) are:

  • The most important thing for me on my wedding day are the aesthetics and the style of my event

  • The most important thing for me on my wedding day is the experience and the food, drinks and fun times my guests will have

  • The most important thing for me on my wedding day is the ease and not having to think about anything because it will all be taken care of by my planner

Remember to have this discussion with your partner, in an ideal world we would have all of them, but now is when you need to be realistic and decide on the hierarchy for each of these items.

Now that you have your guidelines, it’s time to also discuss who is contributing.

Wedding etiquette: who pays for what?

Modern couples have changed the way their weddings are set up. Long gone are the patriarchal traditions like the father of the bride paying for most of the wedding, these days the decisions and the wedding planning is shared within the families and in some cases the couple will pay for most of the wedding related expenses.  If your family is open to contribute towards your day then make sure that you add that on your wedding budget and also be open to the possibility of them inviting guests that belong to their circle of friends.

Now it’s time to download your wedding budget template and start planning!

If you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet, then now it’s the time! Drop us a line so we can start planning your epic wedding day!

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Fran Jorgensen is a wedding photographer in love with natural light and genuine emotions. 

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