Pre-wedding photoshoots in Melbourne: Why do people have engagement photoshoots?

Things you need to know about pre-wedding photoshoots.

A pre-wedding photoshoot or an engagement shoot is a couple session that takes place around months before your wedding day. One of the most important benefits of having this type of session is the fact that we get to know each other before your wedding day, so you will feel more comfortable with me and you will know a little bit more about my shooting style. For me, it’s an important time to get to know you and to understand your personalities and also to learn about your story, with this in mind we will be able to create an ambiance that suits your personality and the way you interact with each other, after all your photos should reflect YOU.

Genuine emotions photoshoot for engaged couples in Melbourne

Melbourne engagement: 3 tips to have an incredible pre-wedding photography session

  1. This is the best time to go wild and look for unusual locations like the top of a mountain or an  incredible location like Flinders  or the Grampians national park . If you are not the outdoor type, then urban settings, street art and cozy cafes are also great set ups for a relaxed session.

  2. This is the perfect time to celebrate your love and your relationship and this sesison is a great opportunity to make capture your relationship without the stress  of the wedding day.

  3. This is a great occasion to let go and enjoy being together without being in the spotlight of the wedding day.

Melbourne Pre-wedding photoshoot : Things to keep in mind and things to avoid

Things to keep in mind for your engagement photography session:

  • Plan your session with the story of your relationship in mind. This is a great time to think about the details that make up your story, that way you will be able to also include them on your wedding day. Do you call each other something funny? Do you have any funny anecdotes from those first dates? Maybe your engagement shoot should be where you first went out for a date?

  • Think of the vibes you would like for your shoot: do you want something fun with wild colours, or something more quiet that reflects your personalities? Would you like to go vintage, or maybe more grunge? All of these elements will dictate your locations and also your wardrobe.

  • Don’t forget about your partner’s wishes. My aim is to make everyone feel relaxed and have a good time, if your partner doesn’t like the idea of a photoshoot, then I suggest to go with more private locations like your own home or a quiet park, and please let me know ahead of time, I can also change the activities that we do, to make him feel more at ease.

  • The best times for an pre-wedding session in Melbourne is around 4 pm in winter and 6 or 7 oçlock in summer.

Things to avoid while planning your engagement photoshoot:

  • Avoid new shoes! This has to be number one for me, because you will be uncomfortable and this will translate in your images.

  • Rushing your session, we all have busy lives, an  engagement session should take around one hour, but it could take more if you decide to explore locations that are far from each other, keep this in mind while planning the backdrops for your images.

  • Avoid extremely different looks from what you normally wear, this is true for your clothes but also for your makeup, if you are not as red lipstick kind of girl then maybe avoid it on the day or trial beforehand to make sure that you are happy to wear it on the day.

I hope that with these great tips for your pre-wedding photography session you will be more confident and make the most of your wedding preparations! If you are still on the fence about a photographer for your wedding day, just drop me a line and let’s meet to see if we get along! I can’t wait to tell your story.


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Pre wedding photoshoot of relaxed couples in Melbourne

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