Unusual wedding venues in Melbourne for creative couples.

Looking for a quirky wedding venue in Melbourne? Time to think outside the box! We got you covered!

We are lucky to live in an incredible city that offers a vast array of fun and quirky wedding venue. Long gone are the times when everything had to be scheduled and by the book… now it’s time to break the traditions and roll with your uniqueness: time to own your wedding day! Here is an list of our favorite and most unusual venues located in Melbourne’s inner city that you should totally consider for your wedding day… let’s get started!

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Quirky wedding venues in Melbourne CBD

If urban vibes is how you roll then Melbourne CBD is perfect for an epic wedding day and a crazy party. With a great variety of luxury hotels nearby and pumping discos, you will be able to party until you see the sunrise in the city. Here are some unusual wedding venues that you could consider for your day:

Blank Canvas and Warehouse vibes wedding venues in Melbourne

If you are ready to let your wedding styling skills shine then why don’t you consider a warehouse type of venue for your wedding day? In most cases you will have free reign to decorate and style. Here are some of our favorite urban vibes venues in Melbourne.

quirky wedding venues in melbourne for creative couples

Wedding venues for creative couples

Other unusual wedding venues around Melbourne

You don’t have to be in Melbourne CBD to enjoy a quirky wedding, here are other venues around Melbourne that are also unusual and that will let you to break the mold and have an event that will truly reflect you and your partner.

quirky wedding venues in melbourne
melbourne wedding venues and wild locations.