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One of the most popular wedding styles for couples that are looking for a relaxed wedding day is a combination between Rustic and Modern styles. If you enjoy the outdoors and you are considering a Homestead wedding venue in Victoria or if you have a family farm then here we have a list of suppliers that we hope will help you to plan your day.

Recommendations from a Melbourne wedding photographer: Rustic wedding venues Melbourne

Our Favorite Rustic Barn wedding venues in Melbourne

  1. The Farm Cafe at the Collingwood Children’s Farm

  2. Gum Gully Farm

  3. Ellis House Kyneton

  4. The Independent Gembrook

  5. Baxter Barn

  6. Stones of the Yarra Valley

  7. The Estate Trentham

  8. The Barn Wallington

  9. Wye River Big 4 Caravan park

  10. Blue Wren Park

  11. Aghadoe Estate

  12. Barunah Plains

  13. One Day Estate

  14. Orchards Spring Vale Farm

  15. Panorama Garden Estate

  16. Tangelwood Estate

  17. Log Cabin ranch

  18. Raven’s Creek Farm

  19. Mimosa Glen Homestead

  20. Mont De Lancey

  21. Bridge Creek Hoestead

  22. St Agnes Homestead

  23. Summerfields Country House

  24. Cave Hill Creek

Giant Tipi Marquee Hire in Melbourne | Rustic wedding outdoor Marquee tent hire

GIANT Teepee Marquee Hire in Melbourne

If you are considering having an outdoor wedding and you have a friend of a family member that is willing to lend you a paddock, then these teepees are the answer to all your questions about wind and rain.

Best ways to style your Melbourne Rustic wedding venue

5 Things you want to consider when styling your Rustic wedding venue in country Victoria

Rustic wedding and homestead wedding venue country victoria

Rustic wedding vibes are a great way to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, specially in the warmer months of the year, it’s a great excuse to get out of town and fill your lungs with oxygen! If you want to have some success styling your wedding with rustic vibes here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. More green is better! Consider having more green like gum leaves and other native plants incorporated in your bouquet the wedding arbour and the tables. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be costly, and it’s the perfect job for your dad or a cousin / uncle.

  2. Favour whites and neutral tones for your decor. White tones in furniture and textiles like linen will help you to match different items, and it will give a uniform feel to the elements you wish to combine on your wedding day. The best part of favoring these colours is that they are also fresh colours to wear in summer. Some of my favourite colours to include in this palette are neutral khakis, grey and shades of blue.

  3. Choose one colour to modern weddings and rustic weddings have always been the leaders of the pack – so it came as no surprise to us when we started noticing couples combining both styles! Modern rustic weddings are a gorgeous way to express your stylish tastes in a warm and cozy environment. Read on to get inspired with our 7 favorite ways to decorate a modern rustic wedding!

  4. Metallic tones like gold / rose gold and silver are your friends and a great way to add a touch of modern to your rustic styling. Just choose one of those options and stick to it! Keep in mind that the metallics also have tones and types of shine so decide if you would like to go matte or shiny and again, stick to it and avoid mix matching.

  5. Calligraphy and modern signs are a great option to include on your wedding day. Most Calligraphers offer custom made options for signs and table settings. Make sure that you provide your calligrapher with your colour palette and images of your venue if possible so that they can better customise your products.

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Rustic hire props and furniture for Melbourne weddings

Recommendations from a Melbourne wedding photographer on catering services for Melbourne Weddings

Mobile Catering services for Rustic weddings in Melbourne

Here are some of our recommendations on catering services that we hope will be able to assist you in planning your wedding day:

Quirky Mobile bar companies for your wedding day in Melbourne

We have looked all over the internet to find some great companies that think outside the box and can offer something a little different. Here are some companies that offer Mobile bars for your wedding day:

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