St Kilda wedding photographer | Owning your wedding day: 5 things you can do to make it more personal

5 ways to make your wedding day more personal

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I remember planning my own wedding, and the first thing I did: run and create a wedding Pinterest board. Now these can be helpful but also overwhelming, so many possibilities and things to think about! Now before you head starts spinning it is vital that above all you make this day your OWN and that it reflects your own love story. Here are a few things that you could consider and tweak them to make them your own and therefore create amazing memories of this milestone.

1.- Have a small wedding so you get to spend quality time with your guests

Sometimes we get caught up with the “shoulds”and ïf”, I invited some work colleagues that I never saw again, so if you don’t see yourself working in the same company in 10 years down the track (heck I don’t even know if I will be alive) then don’t invite them. As a rule of thumb I would have an allowance of 2 couples of friend for each of your parents (that is a whooping 8 people already) and only immediate family.

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2.-Have photos before the ceremony so you can enjoy your family and friends after the ceremony and spend time with them. Depending on the times of your ceremony you can even have a first look and also a sunset shoot if the ceremony and celebration times allow for it.

3.-Write a note to each guest letting them know what they mean to you and why they were included on your wedding day, you can stick this note on their seat at the table or on the bomboniere.

4.- Organise your own wedding choreography with your bridal party. This can be a ton of fun and it would help everyone have a lough and loosen up while they get ready to hit the dancing floor. If you want something spicy there is a ton of inspo if you look in youtube for “Let’s dance”or “zumba”

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5.-Instead of spending 15 or 20 dollars in bonboniere (it’s great to keep up with traditions but I still can’t find the use of this item on a wedding day), you could print a card letting your guests know that you will pledge the cost of the bomboniere to their chosen charity and you can give them a few options and ask them to tick their chosen charity. I am a big believer of what goes around comes around, so what better than to get great vibes on your wedding day?!

I hope that these ideas help you to make your own wedding day UNIQUE and meaningful to you and your partner. Now let’s start planning together and hit me up with your wedding date and your plans! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Hello! I am Fran Jorgensen and I am a Melbourne based wedding photographer, always looking for an honest way to tell your story. I am a lifestyle photographer and that means that through prompts and games I aim to achieve natural emotions and images that are cohesive and organic and that make you feel. Only a limited number of dates will be available for weddings in 2020 so shoot me an email if you would like to have more information or if you think that we are the right fit. Some of the areas currently serviced are: Mornington peninsula, Dromana weddings and elopements, Flinders, Red hill, and the Bayside area: Hampton, Sandringham, Black rock, Mentone, Elwood and St kilda.

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